Working with a Quit Coach

Most people try to quit tobacco on their own, but many are unsuccessful. You may increase your chances of success by working with a Quit Coach, like those at the Arizona Smokers’ Helpline (ASHLine). A Quit Coach can speak with you weekly to address several important topics and set goals for quitting tobacco.

Reasons for Quitting

A Coach will explore your reasons for quitting (i.e., improving health, saving money, and spending time with children and family). Thinking about those reasons may be helpful when you are feeling sad or anxious and crave tobacco.

Using Quit Aids

A Quit Coach will give you information about quit aids, including Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs) and medications prescribed by a healthcare provider. The NRTs and some medications deliver nicotine in a healthier manner and help reduce cravings, anxiety and frustration caused by nicotine withdrawal.

Managing Cravings

A Quit Coach will give you tips for managing cravings for tobacco. Cravings usually last about 90 seconds. The cravings can get stronger when you feel sad or anxious or when you are around certain people or places that remind you of smoking. A Coach will identify strategies that may reduce your cravings and distract your attention away from using tobacco. They may include listening to music, walking the dog, or taking deep breaths. A Coach will also encourage you to find people who are supportive and who you can talk to about quitting.

Monitoring Progress and Developing a Healthy Lifestyle

A Quit Coach will help you keep track of your progress and increase your confidence that you can remain tobacco-free. They will help you notice changes
after you quit tobacco, such as improvements in your sense of taste and smell. They will support your interests in changing other behaviors, including eating healthy, trying a new sport or physical activity, or developing a new hobby. The benefits of those activities will be enhanced by sharing them with others.

Having support from other people will help you quit tobacco.

Who can you talk with about quitting tobacco?



“Every day I don't smoke is a new day. New smells. Food tastes different but in a good way. Thank you for doing what you do.”

“I'm 60 yrs young. Thank you for all of your help. I can do anything now!!!!! LOL 😆” 

“Thank you for all you did to help me stop smoking. I can breathe so much better. I can play with my grandkids with no problems. I don't smell like an ashtray anymore. I can also taste my food better. My lungs are doing better also, my doctor told me. I feel very blessed to have your support.” 


For support:

Call 1-800-55-66-222