Research and Evaluation



The Arizona Center for Tobacco Cessation’s Research and Evaluation Team guides effective program planning, evaluation, and quality control and improvement measures, and provides recommendations on evidence-based strategies to enhance effective delivery of tobacco cessation services.  

Our Research and Evaluation Team: 

  • Provides clear and consistent communication on the quality and reach of the Center and its service components within the State of Arizona by developing and disseminating comprehensive reports on Center services (ASHLine, Training Institute, Public-Private Partnerships) to the Arizona Department of Health Services and other external stakeholders and partners
  • Engages in cost-benefit analyses of each of the Center’s service lines and programs
  • Provides evaluation of Center initiatives. This includes the development of standardized protocols and procedures, fidelity monitoring assessments, and processes to assess utilization of service components, i.e., monitoring staff occupancy, referral to enrollment conversion rates, and quitline program utilization outcomes
  • Identifies extramural research funding opportunities from federal and state agencies and community foundations
  • Engages in research collaborations with research faculty both within the University of Arizona and nationally
  • Provides a robust internship program for undergraduate and graduate students interested in public health, clinical service delivery, program planning, evaluation, and research

For more information on Research and Evaluation resources contact:

Yolanda Perez, MPH
Evaluation and Data Manager