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Why is tobacco so hard to quit?

All tobacco products and most e-cigarettes or vapes contains nicotine. Nicotine is very addictive. When smokers try to quit they are trying to stop an addiction. Smoking isn't just a bad habit. Most smokers will try to quit many times before they are successful in quitting for good. People can't be forced to quit. Making smoke one feels bad about smoking o nagging them to quit is almost never helpful.

Things you can do to support someone who is quitting:

  • Don’t judge them. Let them know you are about their health.
  • Ask if you can help. Tell them you are always ready to give support.
  • Do heathy activities with them. You can walk or play games with them to take their mind off smoking.
  • Don’t become upset by sudden mood changes. Smokers can be cranky when they’re trying to quit.
  • Celebrate every quit attempt. Remember each one brings them closer to quitting for good.
  • If they start smoking again, tell them that it’s normal, and they can keep trying to quit as many times as it takes.

More ways to help someone who is quitting:

  • Let them know that doctors and pharmacists can help find medications that make quitting easier. Medications can help by reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Tell them that they may be eligible for free other-the-counter quit medicine (nicotine gum, patches, or lozenge) from the Arizona Smokers’ Helpline.
  • Ask if they have called their insurance company about other quit smoking benefits.
  • Tell them about other free quit smoking resources that they can access by phone. These can help increase a smoker’s chance of quitting for good.

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